Bumser efter barbering

Pimples after shaving

Infection after shaving is linked to the fact that the skin is partly disturbed by the knife, that the skin closes so that hair and sebum cannot find its natural way out, as well as clogging products. Minimize skin damage by changing blades/cleaning your shaver frequently. It is important that your skin is cleansed beforehand so that you don't shave around dirt, old sebum and bacteria. The more water the beard hairs have absorbed, the gentler the shave with a scraper for the skin, so preferably shave in or after the bath, and afterwards. Some tolerate scrapers best, others machine. There is only one thing to try. Shave with and not against the direction of hair growth. Do not use products with alcohol, color and perfume in the shaving area. Use the by Men's Room starter kit steps 1, 2 and 3. If you need advice and guidance, you can buy/wish for a gift card for our treatments. During our treatments, you will receive advice and guidance on how to maintain your skin after shaving.

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