Sådan sikrer du en pæn hud i overgangen fra vinter til forår

Make sure to have a healthy skin when seasons change

At the change of season, it is advisable to have a good facial treatment, so that the skin is ready and strong for the challenges of the new period. After winter, the skin is often a bit dry and needs dead skin cells removed, and at home you can use a daily peeling with fruit acid, e.g. Control Serum, which not only provides the most thorough home exfoliation but also excels in strengthening your own skin's processes in both healing and barrier function. At the same time, the skin is filled with antioxidants so that it better resists the sharp rays of the spring light. Remember, your skin's daily care must include sun protection. We recommend Defence Cream, which both heals and protects. The skin is completely without its own defense when the UV index rises, so especially in the spring you have to be very careful not to get burned. Just 5 burns in 20 years increases your cancer risk by 80%, so it must be taken seriously. It doesn't have to be difficult. What you do just has to be right. Do you want guidance on how you can ensure beautiful skin in the transition from winter to spring? Buy a gift card for a skin treatment.
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